Top Ten Must-See Series

Breaking Bad. Photo Credit: Imdb.

Breaking Bad. Photo Credit: Imdb.

There are so many great series on Netflix that we have broken them up into three categories.

1. Must-See – Ten of the best series on Netflix that everyone should tick off their list.

2. Binge Watch - Ten of the best series to binge watch while snuggled under your duvet and in your favourite pyjamas.

3. Watch & Go – Ten of the best series to watch when you don’t have the time to lie around all day, or you just want a light-hearted laugh.


1. Must See – Ten of the best series on Netflix that you have to tick off your list.

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad took our screens my storm when it began in 2008. Considered one of the best television series of all time, if you haven’t seen this one yet – you need to. And with 62 episodes spanning over five seasons, you better get started quick.

Check out a clip from the first season below:

2. House of Cards

This show may only have two seasons under their belt, but this Netflix original is already a cult classic. And hey if it’s good enough for Barack Obama…

Watch a clip from season 1 here:

3. Orange is the New Black

Another Neflix original, this all female cast has shaken up the TV world for it’s original content and epic drama. A must-see for both men and women. The second series is going to drop soon so catch up with season one before then.

Watch a clip from season 1 here:

4. Homeland

Another big role for the ladies, this CIA drama will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Join Carrie on her rollercoaster ride and be surprised at every turn.

Watch a clip from the first series below:

5. The Good Wife

This show honestly gets better and better with each season. Fall in love with Alicia as she learns to stand on her own after a humiliating marriage crisis. Don’t be fooled by the title and description, this is one for the boys too.

Watch a behind the scenes clip from the first season here:

6. Dexter

Dexter does the impossible, he makes you root for the serial killer. You like him, you really like him – and he’s a serial killer. Although the series has finished now, that just means you have eight seasons of uninterrupted greatness ahead of you.

Watch a clip from season 1 below:

7. Sons of Anarchy

Follow this close-knit outlawed motorcycle group on the ride of their lives. This show is on it’s sixth season and it gains more and more praise every time.

Watch a clip from season 1 below:

8. Luther

Follow Dectective John Luther in this gritty psychological crime drama.

Watch the trailer from season 1 here:

9. Sherlock

This crime drama is a contemporary take on Sherlock Holmes and has developed a huge cult like fan base.

Watch a promo from season 1 here:

10. American Horror Story

American Horror Story will give you exactly what it says on the tin, not for the faint hearted, expect lots of creepy craziness.

See what you’re in for here:

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