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Neflix has a ton of great movie content, but sometimes it can bit of a chore deciding what to watch. So being the kind souls we are we’ve decided to sift through what’s on offer to bring you a list of some of our top picks all available to stream on Netflix in Ireland and Britain now from Oscar winners to comedies. So go forth and enjoy and remember to rate your favourite films on Netflix to help ensure more of the content you enjoy most for your movie nights. All you need to do is grab the popcorn!

We've picked the top movies all you need to do is grab the popcorn! Photo Credit, Ginnerobot (Flickr)

We’ve picked the top movies all you need to do is grab the popcorn! Photo Credit, Ginnerobot (Flickr)


IMB Top 250 Picks

The Internet Movie Database (IMB) is the go to guide for any movie buff. Its top movie lists as voted by real people has arguably the definitively the best movie watch list around. We’ve picked out just some of the top picks you’ll find on Netflix that grace the IMB listing.

Oscar Picks

Oscar winners are obviously enough the crème de la crème of movies. However despite our best intentions to see these films in the cinema when they come out we normally don’t get the chance and suddenly its three years later and you still haven’t seen the “best film ever”. However Netflix once again have come to our aid with a list of some of the top Oscar winners to choose from. Here’s selection of our top picks.

Feel Good Films

Sometimes you really don’t care what a film has won; you just want to chill out with a feel good film. Whether it’s a comedy, romantic or just something with a happy ending there is nothing better than a good feel good movie to be entertained, de-stress, relax or just have a good laugh. Check out this section to see some of our top picks for movies to entertain you whatever your mood!

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