Other Netflix Originals You May Not Have Heard Of

Exercise with Netflix

Yes you read that right! Netflix have launched their own fitness plan to get you in shape this year with #GetFitWithNetflix and fitness expert Niki Wibrow. Together they have created home workout programmes that you can perform while watching your favourite shows on Netflix. These include different intensities, different lengths ranging from 30 – 50 minutes from an upper body workout to Breaking Bad, to working your core to House of Cards. You can find the full list of workouts on the Netflix YouTube channel.

Spoiler Foiler

Anyone who has experienced the pain of the ending of their major show been ruined by social media before you’ve had a chance to watch it will appreciate Netflix’s newest addition. The Netlix Spoiler Foiler website  allows you to log on to a protected version of your twitter feed. Any tweets with spoiler information will be hidden as below. Once you’ve caught up with your shows you can revert back to your unprotected feed, simples!

Spoiler Foiler

House of Cards Spoiler Foiler on www.spoilerfoiler.com


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